How to Use a Commercial Disinfectant Fogger for Ultra Clean Surfaces

Using a commercial disinfectant fogger is simple and leaves surfaces clean of viruses, bacteria, and mold. However, there are a few things you need to know to get perfectly disinfected surfaces every time.

Continue reading below to find out how to use a disinfectant fogger.

Get the Right Fogger

Of course, to start fogging, you'll need to get the best fogger on the market—the Cobalt Backpack Fogger. There's also the Cobalt Mini Fogger for smaller applications.

These foggers are the best because of their ease of use, portability, range, and the type of disinfectant they use. Cobalt foggers use either of our Premium Disinfection Products, Benefect Decon-30 or Vital Oxide. Both of these products are 99.99% effective in destroying viruses and bacteria, as well as being certified as effective against COVID-19 by both the EPA and Health Canada. 

Benefect and Vital Oxide are safe to use in schools, daycares, offices, or even around the house. The solutions are non-toxic and non-irritating. Vital Oxide is virtually odourless, while Benefect has a pleasant Thyme/Lemon scent.

Cobalt Fogger

Prepare the Room

Before you start spraying down a room, you'll need to prepare it first. While it's not always necessary, preparing a room ensures safety.

For instance, if a room contains cups, plates, or eating utensils, it's a good idea to put those items away. Large objects like chairs, tables, and machinery can stay where they are.

Clean Filthy Surfaces

A fogger guarantees a super clean surface, but not if that surface is extra dirty. Make sure to remove any large stains or wipe down commonly touched objects like door handles.

Dilution Rate

For disinfection, both Benefect and Decon-30 must be used at full strength. For soft surface sanitization, Vital Oxide can be diluted to 5:1, however sanitization is not disinfection. Once a solution is diluted, it is no longer certified as a disinfectant and may not be effective against all viruses, including COVID-19.

Take your chosen solution and pour it into the Cobalt Fogger's tank.

Start Spraying

Plug in the fogger into a power outlet and prepare to start misting. Switch the fogger on and begin rotating the flow rate valve.

The flow rate valve adjusts the amount of disinfectant being sprayed. Find the flow rate that works for the room you're spraying down.

Begin sweeping back and forth across surfaces and make sure the nozzle is at least 6-8 inches from any surface you're spraying. If you get too close, the disinfectant won't be able to cover a larger area.

Don't overspray a room—a few passes over every surface is enough.

Wait, Wipe, and Air Dry

After you've finished spraying a room, turn the fogger off and wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Most bacteria will die within a minute of being exposed to Benefect Decon-30 or Vital Oxide, but viruses take longer.

After waiting, take a rag and wipe down large surfaces. This helps remove dead bacteria and other debris.

Open a window and let the rest of the room air dry—and that's it, you're finished.

Stay Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Now that you know how to use a disinfectant fogger, any disinfection will be a piece of cake as long as you use the right products. Always use a premium disinfectant such as Benefect Decon=30 or Vital Oxide in a quality fogger like the Cobalt Backpack Fogger or Cobalt Mini Fogger.

During this pandemic, keep your business and your home safe through the regular use of fogging.

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