How Effective Are Disinfectant Fogger for Schools and Other Large Commercial Buildings?

Viruses, bacteria, and mold have always threatened our health as they lurk invisibly on nearly any surface. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we've come to realize how important it is to destroy these unseen contagions.

To keep our children healthy and our workspaces safe, it's vital to keep our environments clean at all times. However, is it possible to keep schools and large commercial spaces disinfected on a regular basis?

Yes, through the use of a disinfectant fogger. Continue reading below to see how to destroy viruses quickly and easily by using disinfectant foggers for schools and large commercial buildings.

Using a Disinfectant Fogger for Schools

Schools are a labyrinth of classrooms with a vast number of tables, chairs, and other items to disinfect. It would take an army of cleaners to disinfect any school.

Luckily, you don't need an army of cleaners but only a Cobalt Backpack Fogger. The Cobalt Backpack Fogger makes short work of disinfecting every surface in a room.

How Does It Work?

Foggers work by breaking down a cleaning solution in a process known as atomization. The cleaning solution is turned into a microscopic mist smaller than the diameter of a strand of hair.

These tiny particles are sprayed and then float through the air and adhere to all surfaces. No surface remains untouched so that no viruses or bacteria can escape.

The fogger uses an internal motor in the backpack and can mist 10-15 feet (~5 meters), so you can save time by fogging from a distance.

Is It Safe?

The chemicals used in a disinfectant spray are a concern among many people. However, the Cobalt Backpack Fogger uses either of our Premium Disinfectants, Benefect Decon-30 or Vital Oxide.

Both Benefect Decon-30 and Vital Oxide are amongst the safest disinfectants. They require no personal protection equipment (PPE) to use. The EPA has placed Benefect Decon-30 and Vital Oxide in category IV toxicity, which means they are non-toxic and non-irritating.

After a room is fogged, you won't need to worry about any dangerous chemicals. Let the solution stand for 5 to 10 minutes and then air out the room; no rinsing is required.

How Effective Is It?

Even though these disinfectants are non-toxic and mild for humans, they're tough on germs. They are so effective that they'll kill 99.999% of viruses and bacteria.

When Benefect Decon-30 or Vital Oxide is used in a Cobalt Backpack Fogger or Cobalt Mini Fogger, it will disinfect entire rooms entirely in a matter of minutes.

The atomized particles will reach every nook and cranny that not even the most vigilant hand could reach.

Disinfectant Foggers Work for Large Commercial Buildings

It's not just schools that can take advantage of disinfectant foggers—large commercial buildings like offices, nursing homes, daycares, and hotels would benefit too.

If a large fogger seems like too much, the Cobalt Mini Fogger will do the same job for a lot less.

During these uncertain times, it's best to keep your environment disinfected. Protect those who are vulnerable and keep your workers safe and happy by using a disinfectant fogger.

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